Online Private High School Curriculum

High School Student

Challenging, engaging, and standards-based, National Connections Academy’s high school curriculum prepares students to succeed in college and the 21st century workplace. As they master increasingly complex subjects in a state-of-the-art learning environment, students develop both the critical thinking and technical skills needed in college, work, and life.

Courses for Full-time and Part-time Students

Available as a full-time program or as individual courses, our curriculum for grades 9–12 integrates teacher-led LiveLesson® sessions, the latest texts and learning tools, and individualized instruction from subject matter experts. Our full range of college preparatory courses includes:

  • Core courses in math, science, language arts, and social studies.
  • Dozens of electives ranging from foreign languages to life skills, web design, journalism, art history.
  • More than 50 Honors and AP Courses that challenge talented students to excel and prepare college-bound students for AP exams.
  • Many Connections Academy core high school courses are approved by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Programs and Services for Full-time Students

Full-time students enjoy an array of services to support them academically and socially, including:

  • Personalized Performance Learning® Plans continuously adjusted to student progress and needs.
  • College Acceleration Programs to jumpstart their college careers.
  • College and career planning, including:
    • Guidance in finding appropriate college or career opportunities
    • College application process LiveLesson® workshops, including information on local colleges/universities
    • Financial aid and scholarship LiveLesson® workshops
    • Free access to college admissions test preparation online courses and information about test dates, locations, etc.
  • Ongoing support from our licensed guidance counselor.
  • Dozens of clubs to foster special interests and social interaction.