Gifted and Talented High School Courses

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From AP and Honors Courses to our College Acceleration Programs, gifted and talented high school students find a wealth of resources to foster their intellectual growth and prepare them for college.

Individual Courses

For both full-time and part-time students in grades 9–12, National Connections Academy (NaCA) offers more than 50 Honors and AP classes that accelerate learning and prepare students for the national AP tests for college credit. Students in Honors and AP courses have required real-time contact with their teachers.

We offer eligible students:

  • 30 multiple-level honors courses in mathematics, science, history, government, and English.
  • 27 AP classes in the sciences, foreign languages, calculus, English literature, and more.
  • SAT and ACT preparation courses.

Full-time Student Programs and Services

Beyond challenging, individual courses, full-time NaCA students have access to an array of programs and services that support the gifted learner, including:

Deciding to Accelerate

To determine correct placement and whether standard, Honors, or AP placement is appropriate for a student, teachers consult jointly with students, parents, and counselors. Students’ counselors also can determine whether early college credit is available in a particular state.