Connexus, our education management system is one of the most comprehensive, reliable, and user-friendly online learning systems available. It is our proprietary system, designed from the ground up to meet the exact requirements of our instructional model and the needs of our students and families. It brings the school right to students 24 hours a day from any Internet connection.

Connexus is powerful, yet very intuitive and user-friendly. It is also comprehensive, allowing students and parents to access everything they need from one place—their personalized home page:

Tools for Parents and Learning Coaches

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All from the personalized Connexus homepage, parents can:

  • View all students’ schedules, assignments, and lessons.
  • Adjust the learning schedule for students in grades K–8.
  • Monitor students’ progress using the online grade book.
  • Record attendance.
  • Communicate with teachers and other families via our secure WebMail and message boards.
  • Rate the Connections Academy learning experience, at any time.

Tools for Students

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The student’s individualized home page helps students communicate, organize, and complete and submit assignments. From the homepage, they can:

  • View daily and monthly schedules and access lessons.
  • Monitor progress through the online grade book (for students in grade 6 and above).
  • Communicate with teachers and students through WebMail and message boards.
  • Access many online learning resources.
  • Participate in clubs and activities.
  • View a directory of students.

Tools for Teachers and Administrators

Connexus is used extensively by teachers and administrators. Some of the many tools for teachers allow them to:

  • Conduct lessons live over the Internet with LiveLesson® sessions.
  • Track student progress.
  • Review and grade online assignments and assessments.
  • Communicate quickly and effectively with students, parents, and Learning Coaches.
  • Keep track of student and family interactions.
  • Modify learning to meet students’ needs

Because much of the learning and record-keeping is done online through Connexus, school administrators can monitor the effectiveness of instruction and assure students are making progress, every day.

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