Online High School Credit Recovery Courses

Enrollment for 2017 is Now Open!

International Connections Academy’s online summer school courses have great flexibility to fit busy summer schedules.

  • Choose your start date (June 6, 13, 20, and 27; July 5 and 11)
  • Last day of classes is August 8

Contact one of our admissions advisors at +1-888-260-4159 to learn more.

International Connections Academy’s high school credit recovery courses enable students to recover the credits they need to graduate and ensure students gain the core skills to succeed. These courses are only available to students who have taken the course previously and did not earn credit. If a student has not attempted the course prior to the summer session, they should enroll in the original credit version.

Mastering Skills and Moving Forward

At International Connections Academy (iNaCA), we don’t just expect students to pass. We empower them to excel. Our competency-based learning approach includes:

  • Intensive instruction from a specially trained, licensed teacher
  • Ongoing teacher support via LiveLesson® sessions, email, and telephone
  • Online learning platform that is accessible anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection

Combining Real-Time Instruction and Online Flexibility

High school credit recovery courses require the equivalent of about 4 hours of work per day, 5 days a week for the duration of the course. LiveLesson technology allows students to interact directly with a certified teacher; our online learning platform enables students to track and complete assignments at the time and place convenient to your family.

Simplifying Enrollment and Transferring Credits

Enrolling and Transferring Credits

For students who plan to transfer credit from International Connections Academy to their full-time school (a non-Connections Academy school) should be aware that the decision about whether to accept iNaCA course credits is wholly at the discretion of the school to which you hope to transfer the credits.

We strongly recommend that you ask about your school’s transfer credit policy and inform the school about your plans to take iNaCA courses prior to registering for an iNaCA course. To obtain credit for an iNaCA course at your full-time school, you may need the course description and Credit Pre-Approval Form.

Please contact an admissions advisor at +1-888-260-4159 with any questions.

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  • Algebra I A
  • Algebra I B
  • Algebra II A
  • Algebra II B
  • Geometry A
  • Geometry B


  • Biology A
  • Biology B

Social Studies

  • American Government A
  • American Government B
  • US History A
  • US History B

Our expanded math, science and social studies courses will be offered in the Grad Point platform. Grad Point is a diagnostic prescriptive academic program that assists students in meeting subject standards by identifying areas of strength and weakness and focusing on standards in which students need greater mastery.


  • English 9A
  • English 9 B
  • English 10 A
  • English 10 B
  • English 11 A
  • English 11 B
  • English 12 A
  • English 12 B


  • Spanish I A
  • Spanish I B
  • Spanish II A
  • Spanish II B

Our English and elective courses will be offered in the Connexus platform, iNaCA’s learning management system.