About International Connections Academy's Higher Purpose

As a virtual private school, International Connections Academy is committed to providing an outstanding education that meets a student’s individual needs, regardless of that student’s location. We believe that this personal focus in our online private school is the key to student achievement. In collaboration with supportive parents, our teachers and staff members are dedicated to motivating and inspiring students to do their best.

Our Mission

International Connections Academy, a virtual private school, meets individual needs through high quality instruction and enriching, rigorous curriculum; empowers students to be self-directed and reflective learners who actively participate in our global society through innovative 21st century technology; and builds the essential skills necessary for college or career readiness while creating a community of learners through interactive communication within a supportive environment.

Our History

In 2001, Connections Academy was founded by educators and innovators who recognized the power of online learning to transform K–12 education. Since then, the company has launched 37 successful virtual public schools in 28 states and now brings high-quality online education directly to more than 60,000 students each year. Connections Academy is part of Connections Education LLC, a division of the global education leader Pearson.

As Connections Academy’s reputation, student results, and parent approval ratings soared, the demand for its programs grew well beyond the states where it operated public schools. To meet this demand, the company launched International Connections Academy in spring of 2009, making superb private school experience accessible to more students nationally and abroad. Building upon Connections Academy's expertise, award-winning curriculum, and state-of-the-art technology, International Connections Academy provides an excellent virtual private school option for students seeking a rigorous but flexible education.