Amy Bean

Amy Bean

Amy Bean lives in El Paso, Texas with her family. Since the Bean family was preparing to move across the world to an area that did not offer the United States school system, they decided to enroll in International Connections Academy (iNaCA). Amy is very pleased with their decision. She says, “This program was exactly what my daughter and our family needed!” Amy shares more about her family’s store below.

“When I began my search for an online school, I had no idea where to begin or what to look for. I knew my 8th grade daughter was in need of teachers, friends, and a great curriculum that would set her up for success in high school and later for college. I knew nothing about homeschooling, online public schools, or virtual private schools. The only thing we knew was that our world was about to be turned upside down and my daughter’s education was in jeopardy because we were moving across the world—no teachers, no friends, nothing! I was in complete panic mode because I knew there was no way that I could homeschool my daughter on my own. As I talked with other homeschool families about my dilemma, a friend introduced me to iNaCA. I went to the school’s website to explore and contacted an admissions representative for further information—then signed up immediately!

Unlike other online school options, iNaCA was the only one with an interactive learning program at the time. iNaCA’s curriculum involved reading, videos, colorful displays, interactive digital programs, and much more. For my daughter who has ADHD, that was exactly what we needed for her learning style, and to keep her attention. Another benefit of the program is that the students’ classes are uploaded into their own personal learning calendar, giving the student the freedom and flexibility to do their work on their own timeline.

The best part of iNaCA is the teachers! As my daughters Learning Coach, I am there to help answer questions, suggest ideas, and keep her on task, but I do not have to be the ultimate authority on her school work! I did not have to try and figure out how I was going to teach her math, science, or foreign language. The more I investigated iNaCA, the more I knew this was going to be a beautiful learning relationship for our family.

Finding iNaCA has been the best decision I have ever made for my daughter! When we first enrolled, our intention wasn’t to keep her in the school when we moved back to the United States. I was just looking for a school that could keep her on track in her education, and that would allow her to earn high school credits and make her transition back into a bricks-and-mortar school easier without falling behind. Thankfully, we have been so blessed by the teachers and administrators of iNaCA. They truly care about the success of your child/children. My child is not a test score in the making, but rather a student who deserves to understand what she is learning—and she gets that experience at iNaCA. This is the kind of educational experience we as parents want for our children.

When we started our journey with iNaCA in 8th grade, my daughter wasn't excited about learning; she put the minimum amount of effort into her studies. I completely credit her teachers with the change and desire she now has for learning. She feels safe in her environment, and never once a failure. She has progressed from basic learning to honors classes, and now as we enter her last year of school, into AP courses. Her transformation in learning and understanding has been a joy to watch. While Mary has not settled on what path she wants to pursue after high school, at least we do know that every door for her will be open. Together with her teachers and school counselors at iNaCA, we have her college progression set and ready for whatever Mary decides is best. She is excited and confident in who she has become and what she has learned.”

International Connections Academy is not just some virtual private school you send your kid to. It is a partnership in education, which quickly becomes one big family that you never want to leave!
— Amy