Charmaine Gantt

Charmaine Gantt

Charmaine is the mother of Dorje, an International Connections Academy (iNaCA) elementary school student. She and her family live in Richardson, Texas. Since Dorje is involved in extracurricular activities, Charmaine appreciates iNaCA’s flexible scheduling for allowing her son to pursue his interests while still maintaining a top-quality education. Learn more about Charmaine’s story below.

In 2013, Charmaine began searching for an alternative to her son's traditional private school. After researching several schools, including some online, the family discovered International Connections Academy (iNaCA). “We felt iNaCA's mission dovetailed well with our own educational expectations for our child by allowing us to take an active role in his learning and giving us flexibility as a family to support his extracurricular activities, including attending Chinese Academy, studying Japanese, and learning coding at a local university,” says Charmaine.

While at iNaCA, the family has been extremely pleased with many aspects of the school. Charmaine shares, “Our son's teachers are outstanding—through daily LiveLessons® and monthly parent meetings, we have seen their enthusiasm, intelligence, dedication and professionalism.” Charmaine appreciates the continuous communication and feedback they receive from Dorje’s teachers. In addition, she values being able to monitor her son’s progress through benchmark testing three times a year.

As Dorje’s Learning Coach, Charmaine enjoys discussing the different ways subjects are taught today, which was not possible when she was in school. “When he needs my help on his lessons, I'm here for him and so are his teachers on LiveTutor,” Charmaine explains. While her son attends school virtually, she supports a small start-up company from home. With the flexibility of iNaCA’s program, Dorje is able to schedule time off to coincide with his friends' school holidays.

“Our son realizes that the career he may ultimately pursue very likely hasn't been created yet, so everything he learns can help him in the future. Math, science, coding, robotics, mastery of several languages, and his love of sailing will give him different options as he matures,” says Charmaine.

International Connections Academy supports our wish that our son grow up to be a citizen of the world, aware of his duty to the planet and to humankind.
— Charmaine