Danielle Gauthier

Danielle Gauthier

Danielle Gauthier is the mother and Learning Coach to Daphné and Arianne, who are students at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). Danielle appreciates that the school’s scheduling flexibility allows her family to spend more time together. Learn more about her story below.

“After an unsuccessful try with an international Caribbean school, we decided to look for something else. It was a long process, but my husband and I wanted to be sure that we were giving the girls the best education we could. We found a couple of online schools, including one in French, but surprisingly my girls wanted to continue their education in English. This was the time to challenge myself because I was not fluent in English. However, we eventually found iNaCA and my daughters became very interested in the program. Arianne and Daphné loved the fact that if we enrolled in iNaCA, we would be able to travel more freely and have the opportunity to create our own schedule. As a result, we decided to enroll in iNaCA in the fall of 2014.

Our first week enrolled in iNaCA was really hard for me because I had problems expressing myself in English when speaking with teachers. Even though I overcame the language barrier, I would always be afraid to communicate with the girls’ teachers because of my French Canadian accent. However, the teachers at iNaCA made it easier by being patient with me. I was truly impressed with not only the rigorous curriculum, but also the teacher’s professionalism. Ms. Brenchley, in particular, is one teacher who made it easier every day for us. I was also very impressed with how quickly Arianne and Daphné made friendships through iNaCA.

Now that we are our finishing our second year at iNaCA, we appreciate the school and the extra time we are able to spend together as a family. My husband and I have seen a huge progression with our girls since they started attending iNaCA. Both Arianne and Daphné get excited that they are able to be involved in all the activities the school offers. Arianne always looks forward to see teachers doing a live science experiment in her kitchen, or the assistant principal making a pie for Pi Day. iNaCA definitely knows how to use technology to make school more interesting. Daphané on the other hand, gets excited to share her art work with other students in the art club.

iNaCA truly gives their students the support they need for growing up and becoming successful. For example, a live tutor once stayed online until she was sure that Daphné understood her math exercise. Since we have been enrolled at iNaCA, I have watched the girls become more autonomous. They are now able to call their teachers, live tutor, or technical support without having to get help from their parents. With iNaCA you are not alone because they offer a lot of support. We have a lot of teachers who help us, and that truly makes a big difference for my family. I believe the school is always progressing and that is important to me.“

iNaCA permits my family to change islands without changing schools, which allows for more stability for my children.
— Danielle