Kimberly Nettuno

Kimberly Nettuno

Kimberly Nettuno is a Learning Coach to three high-school children who attend International Connections Academy (iNaCA). Through iNaCA, the Nettuno family found the alternative educational option that they had been looking for.

Kimberly first learned about iNaCA when she was searching for a high-quality education at a manageable price. Prior to attending iNaCA, her daughters were enrolled in another online program. “Both were wonderful schools, but one was independent with no teacher interaction, and the other cost a small fortune for the benefit. Then we found iNaCA, which was truly the perfect combination of the two programs,” says Kimberly. The Nettuno family was also drawn to iNaCA because of the multiple clubs and student activities offered to families.

The Nettuno family values the flexibility of the program because they enjoy traveling and being able to complete their schoolwork while they are away. Kimberly says, “At iNaCA, you don’t have to worry about falling behind in school work when you go on a vacation. When we travel, we can take a few days off and make them up when we return.” She appreciates her daughters’ teachers and counselors as well because they are always there to assist them if they ever fall behind. Kimberly values being able to speak with every single teacher her daughters have had throughout their time at iNaCA. “The conversations go beyond typical teacher-parent communication because I inquire about study tools, laugh about parenting, and receive much needed support,” says Kimberly.

Currently, Hannah and her sister, Emma, are both enrolled in AP courses. “These AP courses help provide my daughters with the most intriguing conversations; they cultivate values and mature conversations with others,” says Kimberly.

When the girls are not completing schoolwork, they have jobs and extracurricular activities that keep them pre-occupied. The oldest, Hannah, is currently in the 11th grade. She is a photographer and has taken photos for several different proms. When she graduates from iNaCA, she plans to major in journalism with a focus in photojournalism. Emma is currently enrolled in the 10th grade and has a passion for art. After iNaCA, Emma hopes to one day become a teacher. Meghan is currently in the 9th grade and is exploring iNaCA’s wide range of electives. “Meghan explores subjects that I never thought she’d be able to—all of this is not because of me, but rather because of the influence that iNaCA as a whole has had on them,” Kimberly says. All of the girls are also involved with their local church.

iNaCA has literally been around the world with us. We do a lot of traveling, and iNaCA is right there with us.
— Kimberly