Minta Ruscoe

Minta and her family

Minta Ruscoe is a Learning Coach for her son, Zach, who is a high school student at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). Zach previously attended Ohio Connections Academy. After Minta and her family relocated to North Carolina, where there were no online public schools available at the time, she was pleased to discover iNaCA’s online private school program. Minta appreciates that iNaCA allows Zach to learn in a structured, flexible, and student-centered environment free of distractions. She shares more about Zach’s story below.

Minta is happy that iNaCA’s personalized learning approach is helping Zach to enjoy learning. “I love that iNaCA is both flexible and challenging, and that Zach can work at a pace that suits him. When he comes to me and talks about all the exciting things that he is doing and how much he enjoys them, I know that he is doing well!” she says. Minta especially appreciates his teachers. She explains, “Without fail, every time Zach or I have a question, we receive an answer within 24 hours—and sometimes even within an hour! I have never felt rushed when speaking with them and they always make me feel like they genuinely care about me as a person.”

Even though Zach has grown into an independent student over the years, Minta likes being able to support and guide him when needed. “My son is very independent, so he works well on his own without too much assistance from me. From the very beginning, however, I made sure to keep each day structured and disciplined. I’ve always said that we both have different responsibilities. My job is to enforce his schedule and structure his environment, and his is to learn and complete each task to the best of his ability. We communicate daily and always check his grades and feedback from the teacher together. I help him when I can, but most of the time his studies are well above my level, so I really appreciate all that his teachers do to help him succeed,” she shares. Since Zach’s classmates are from different parts of the world, Minta also likes that Zach can learn from students who have various viewpoints and experiences.

Zach is not sure what he wants to do in the future, but Minta has no doubt that iNaCA’s challenging curriculum and wide-range of courses and electives will help to prepare him for anything that he chooses.

I love iNaCA because I can trust the teachers to teach and challenge my child in a way that no other school could. I love the flexibility, lack of distraction, and complete focus on helping my student succeed and reach his full potential.
— Minta