K–12 Online Clubs and Activities

Making Friends While Learning...

At International Connections Academy (iNaCA), we understand that connecting with other students is one of the most important parts of a great school experience. Online school activities serve as excellent extracurricular activities for children of all ages. That's why we offer more K–12 online clubs and activities than any other online school. Whether a student is interested in chess, robotics, poetry, art, the environment, or a myriad of other hobbies, iNaCA has the perfect club.

Our wide range of online school activities and clubs let students:

  • Easily make friends
  • Connect with other students across the world
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Explore new interests and expand their knowledge
  • Participate in fun contests and competitions
  • Have fun!

iNaCA students are using online school activities to expand their educational horizons while interacting with local students, as well as students across the world. Learn how to enroll and join in the fun today!