International Connections Academy School Calendar

International Connections Academy (iNaCA) has many events and activities occurring throughout the year, and we encourage parents, teachers, and students to get involved if you wish. Browse our school calendar, which includes a variety of exciting activities, below:


Students Having Academic Reflective Experiences (iSHARE) is an event showcasing students' academic and creative accomplishments. Students are encouraged to present course portfolios, photographs, poetry, paintings, drawings, short stories, musical interpretations, STEM-related projects, or any creative or academic accomplishment. The presenter has an opportunity to share his or her accomplishment with a synchronous audience! The event is hosted by a student that is a member of the English Honor Society–Shangri La. It is a fun-filled event that is enjoyed by participants and spectators! Think of it as a virtual “show and tell”!

Around the World

Around the World in 60 Minutes features both elementary and high school students, presenting about their corner of the globe. Our student presenters create a multimedia presentation and discuss folklore, language, food, customs, and more to show the rest of iNaCA a glimpse of their hometowns.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness LiveLessons provide students with the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of professionals from a variety of fields. Students learn about the professional’s chosen career, what career path that professional took, what challenges they have faced and overcome, and then have an opportunity to ask questions.

Monthly Special Events

DimensionU® Tournaments

Using fun multiplayer video games, students compete online in lively tournaments with opportunities to win prizes as they practice math skills.

Sky Gazers

Students from all grades gather monthly in LiveLesson sessions to discuss constellations, planets, the galaxy, and beyond. Students are encouraged to learn more about astronomy by creating presentations and projects based on aspects of space they’d like to learn more about.

Spelling Bee

Students show off their spelling skills by competing in old-fashioned spelling bees using modern technology. Participants are grouped based on spelling levels. They enjoy opportunities to win prizes and to compete in an end-of-year tournament.

Annual Special School Events

Cards for Kids

Each Valentine’s Day, students nationwide get creative and crafty to cheer up children with health problems. They send handmade greeting cards to the Connections Academy headquarters. From there, cards are distributed to hospitalized kids in the Baltimore area.

Fan Frenzy Trivia

Is your student a dedicated sports fan? Do they know fun facts about random sports trivia? If so, this is the special event for them! Students participate in special sports trivia sessions based on their grade level.

Fashion Design Challenge

Students submit original fashion designs in several creative categories. Entries are then shared in one spectacular LiveLesson session.

Music Contest

Original music is submitted and shared during the duration of this contest. Students have the opportunity to vote for their favorite song in each category.

Photography Contest

In this popular contest, talented photographers in all grades submit their favorite color, black-and-white, or digitally enhanced images to compete. Contest winners are selected from each category for the elementary, middle, and high school levels and are announced in the newsletter!

Virtual Art Gallery

Students in all grade levels submit original artwork in a number of genres. The accepted art forms are sketches, drawings, paintings, digital art, and sculpture.

Virtual Bio-Blitz

Join students of all ages from around the country to identify different species from the natural world! In this virtual bio-blitz, Connections Academy students will submit the different animal and plant species they see in their neighborhoods.

Virtual Talent Show

Talented young performers compete by submitting their best entertainment videos in the categories of song, dramatic reading, dance routine, or art presentation. Prizewinners will have their performances posted in the Virtual Library and announced in the newsletter.

Yearbook Art Contest

Artistic students can submit original artwork based on the current yearbook theme to be used as our yearbook cover. Students are encouraged to create an image that best represents the theme using photography, drawing, painting, or graphic design. Examples of previous yearbook themes include "Leave Your Mark", "Learning, Imagination, and Beyond", and "Navigating the Future."