Alyssa Lavroff

Alyssa Lavroff

Alyssa Lavroff is a high school student at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). She lives in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Alyssa appreciates iNaCA’s flexible schedule and challenging curriculum. Learn more about her story below:

Alyssa has had a passion for ballet since the age of three. In 2014, she moved to Pennsylvania to study dance full-time at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Prior to enrolling at iNaCA, Alyssa attended a traditional public school in New Jersey, but needed a program that could accommodate her rigorous dance schedule and offer a high-quality education. A typical day for Alyssa consists of completing her academic work in the morning and dancing in the afternoon, evenings, and part of the weekend.

Her mother, Patricia Lavroff, says, “She is required to train 35 hours per week, so she needed to switch to online schooling if she wanted to continue to take honors and AP courses. At iNaCA, everything is working for Alyssa. She has the flexibility to complete her assignments around her dance schedule and take the same classes that she would have taken at her traditional high school.”

Alyssa enjoys being able to interact with her teachers through LiveLesson® sessions and during their office hours. “The teachers at iNaCA are terrific! They are willing to work with their students to make sure that the lessons are clear, and they’re also very understanding about the need for flexibility in scheduling,” Alyssa says.

Alyssa’s favorite subject is English because it allows her to use her creativity and imagination. When she is not doing schoolwork or dancing, Alyssa keeps herself busy with other enjoyable activities such as taking bike rides and cooking with friends. When she is able to return to her home in New Jersey, she likes to visit Manhattan to see performances by the New York City Ballet.

After Alyssa graduates from iNaCA, she wants to audition for dance companies and take college business courses part-time.

What I like most about International Connections Academy is that it enables me to pursue my passion for ballet while still getting a high quality high school education.
— Alyssa