Arianne Doucet

Arianne Doucet

Arianne Doucet is a student at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). She lives with her stepfather, mother, and sister in the Bahamas. Arianne’s older sister, Daphné, also attends iNaCA. Arianne appreciates iNaCA’s flexibility and challenging curriculum. Learn more about her story below.

Arianne enrolled with iNaCA in the 2014–15 school year. She was looking for a curriculum that challenged her. Arianne also wanted to have more time to complete her schoolwork so she could travel with her family. Prior to enrolling in iNaCA, she attended a traditional school in Anguilla, located in the eastern Caribbean.

Arianne’s mother, Danielle Gauthier, says, “In 2014, we found the perfect school for our girls. iNaCA allows our family to move from island to island and maintain stability while our daughters obtain a good education.” The program works well for Arianne because she likes to have structure and enjoys being able to start her school day when she’s ready. “After being enrolled in iNaCA, we noticed that Arianne seemed happier and appreciated how the curriculum was much more at her speed,” Danielle says.

Similar to Daphné, Arianne’s favorite subject is science because she enjoys learning about nature and loves to do lab experiments. At iNaCA, Arianne has a wonderful relationship with her teachers. She finds them to be extremely helpful, and they make learning exciting for her. “I love the LiveLesson® sessions because I have the opportunity to meet other students in my class. I find it interesting how the online classroom looks like a physical classroom,” Arianne says.

Arianne has many activities that keep her occupied when she isn’t traveling or studying. She is passionate about nature, and loves spending her spare time observing animals. When Arianne is not busy with school work, she enjoys going fishing, going to the beach, and having sleepovers with friends.

After Arianne graduates from iNaCA, she wants to attend McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In the future, Arianne plans on pursuing a career in law or becoming a doctor.

I love International Connections Academy because I can travel and change countries without having to change schools each time. I also like that iNaCA is religious free.
— Arianne