Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is an elementary school student at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). He lives in Gulf Breeze, Florida, with his family. Garrett’s sister, Jennifer, also attended iNaCA. He is happy that iNaCA’s flexible scheduling gives him more time for enjoyable hobbies. Learn more about Garrett’s story below.

Prior to moving to Florida and attending iNaCA, Garrett was enrolled in a public cyber school in Pennsylvania. He wanted to maintain a flexible schedule that would allow him to pursue extracurricular activities, so iNaCA was the perfect fit. Garrett’s mother, Jennifer Smith, says, “He feels that his flexible schedule allows for plenty of time to engage in other fun activities.” He enjoys having the time to work on creative projects outside of school such as 3D printing.

Garrett has a wonderful relationship with his teachers. “He always looks forward to their phone calls and LiveLesson® sessions,” Jennifer notes. His favorite subjects are science, math, and Spanish. After graduating from iNaCA, Garrett hopes to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study engineering or computer design. His dream is to work in engineering or computer technology.

When he is not completing schoolwork, Garrett enjoys playing Nerf wars and going to the beach with his friends. He is also an avid golf player as a member of the Gulf Breeze Junior Golf League. Garrett is thriving in iNaCA and loves being able to take weekly guitar, piano, and skating lessons.

What I like most about International Connections Academy is that I can have a flexible schedule and spend time doing creative things. I also really like being able to be home with my family instead of being away at school all day.
— Garrett