Amber Rogers

Amber Rogers

Ms. Rogers is a world literature high school teacher at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). She began her teaching career after graduating college in 2010. In 2014, she started teaching at Nevada Connections Academy and then joined iNaCA in 2016. Ms. Rogers earned her bachelor’s degree in English and secondary education from the University of Nevada Reno. She shares more about her career below.

“When I was in college trying to decide what I wanted to study, I remembered the amazing English teachers I had in high school. They were inspirational because they were so passionate about literature and writing, and it made me passionate about literature and writing too! They had a wonderful way of making learning fun. I wanted to have that same impact on my students, so I decided to follow in their big footprints.

As an online teacher, I am able to get to know my students and work with them individually. I love being able to pick up the phone or pop into my LiveLesson room and help a student with grammar or an essay. Attending iNaCA helps prepare students for a bright and successful future through a relevant and rigorous curriculum, effective time-management strategies, and building communication skills.

What I love about teaching at iNaCA is the incredible community we have here. Students get so involved through LiveLessons®, clubs, and school-wide events. Every week we have something fun and engaging happening such as iShare, book-drives, or author circles—and many students, from all grades, participate and create a fun and interactive learning community. The educational experience iNaCA provided for our students is incredible. From webmail, phone calls, and LiveLessons®, we take pride in helping our students be successful. You can’t find a better school community—online or traditional. Our teachers have the biggest hearts for our students and we are making a difference in our student’s lives each and every day.”

In her spare time, Ms. Rogers enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.

I love that every day I get to talk with students from all around the world, who each have their own unique story. Getting to know my students is the highlight of my day.
— Ms. Rogers