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Jennifer Dolan

Jennifer Dolan

Ms. Dolan is a middle school language arts teacher at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). She started her teaching career in 2008 and joined iNaCA in 2012. Ms. Dolan holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from California Polytechnic State University and her teaching credentials from California State University, San Marcos. She shares her story below.

“Many of my family members are in education. My sister, mom, dad, and grandma are/were educators. My great-grandmother was also a teacher who taught in a one-room schoolhouse in Washington. The benefit of teaching at an online school versus a bricks-and-mortar school is the flexibility to work with students all over the world.

An education at iNaCA helps prepare students for a bright and successful future because we are teaching students how to be lifelong learners and contributing members of the 21st century.”

I love having the opportunity to really get to know our students—and their families!
— Ms. Dolan