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Mike Kuhn

Mike Kuhn

Mr. Kuhn is a high school English teacher at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). He obtained a bachelor’s degree from Evergreen State College and a master’s degree in teaching from Seattle Pacific University. Mr. Kuhn began teaching more than seventeen years ago and joined iNaCA in 2015. He shares his story below.

“I became a teacher to connect with students and because I believe teaching to be important. One benefit of an online school is that our students are afforded flexibility. Everyone I have met at iNaCA (including students, teachers, and administrators) has been very friendly and welcoming. iNaCA offers a wealth of rigorous courses and an opportunity to pursue other interests at the same time.”

In Mr. Kuhn’s free time, he enjoys camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing with his family.

I love International Connections Academy because of the international aspect of our student body.
— Mr. Kuhn