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Shannon Burgess

Shannon Lewis

Ms. Burgess is a high school teacher at International Connections Academy (iNaCA). She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Florida State University and a master’s degree in English education from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Ms. Burgess began her career in 2003 and joined iNaCA in 2013 after teaching at Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT). She shares her story below.

“I became a teacher upon my college professor’s recommendation to try teaching, even though I was not originally an education major. After teaching high school for a year, I realized I no longer wanted to pursue law school because teaching is my niche! The benefit of being able to teach at an online school versus a bricks-and-mortar school is that I feel I am able to get to know my students and their families better, as I don’t have to be in a classroom all day. I love iNaCA because it has the best students and staff. While my students hail from all over the globe, I am often reminded what a small world it is during our daily interactions.

iNaCA’s curriculum, accreditation, and reputation provide a wide array of opportunities for our students. Additionally, iNaCA students are well prepared for academia and/or adulthood because they have to work more independently in the online environment. Communication is a vital component of a student’s and a family’s success at iNaCA. Feel free to reach out to any teacher for whom you have questions. We are only a phone call, LiveLesson® , or WebMail away from chatting with you.”

In Ms. Burgess’ spare time, she chases around her four-year-old son or drives her eleven-year-old daughter to various extracurricular activities. When allotted free moments, she pursues reading, traveling, dancing, singing, and running.

I love being an English teacher because every year I have taught, I have enticed at least one student to love reading.
— Ms. Burgess